About Jennifer


I have  been interested in photography all my life - it's in my genes (see below).   


Now, finally retired from a life of science and public service, I am finally able to indulge the passion in a more earnest but leisurely fashion.  The ability to travel has helped too. 


I am using my new-found free time  to get creative with my art.   I am inspired by nature as the source of patterns and art and enjoy capturing images that tell a story.  I enjoy the editing process  to enhance the message for the viewer and to produce an image that reflects my recollection of the scene and emotion that  accompanied it. 


Whilst I practise for the pleasure it gives me, all this practice  has created a wonderful body of works now being presented in a series of books.  A range of images and books will soon be available for purchase and make a great coffee table statement or conversation starter.


For the past thirty years or so I have used Canon EOS film and digital cameras.  But not all the photographs on this site are mine however.   I am progressively digitising three generations of historical photos and studies, taken of and by, my father, his parents, and their parents - the  Kidd, Shanhun, and Wilson families and historical Diamond Creek.  Also several generations of family snaps taken by my mother's aunts and uncles the Middletons and Conders.  My paternal grandparents,  Rose and Lewis Kidd were keen photographers in the first three decades of the 1900's and I suspect quite competitive.   I am working on a book of their photographic studies amongst the many other projects I also have underway.   


Jennifer Murray

Melbourne,  Australia



Another creative outlet of Jennifer's is ballroom dancing. She has competed and performed with her loving husband Nigel on many dance floors around the country.  Whilst she much prefers to be behind the camera rather than the subject, we are trying to convince her to put together a small book with some of her favourite dancing photos.

Catherine Murray (daughter)