family heritage and history

I am progressively digitising three generations of historical photos and studies, taken of and by, my father, his parents, and their parents - the Kidd, Shanhun, and Wilson families and historical Diamond Creek.  Also several generations of family snaps taken by my mother's aunts and uncles, the Middletons and Conders.

We also continue to make our own history.  The wedding photos in Margaret and Stefan's wedding albums were taken by Oz Snaps Photography  but I had the pleasure of compiling the album to tell the story. 


My Grandparents generation

The Kidd Folio

compiled in 2020 from images photographed and colourised 100 years ago.

A family tree key to the Kidd folio

compiled in 2020

Still Life Studies by E Rose Kidd 

photographed early 1900's

digitised and compiled Aug 2018

My Parents generation

David Kidd - A Life in Images

second edition March 2019


A folio of the Middleton / Conder images is now commencing.

A photographic essay on Family Life in the Great Depression is in my head but is yet to appear on screen.

My generation

A photo essay about building our new house at Venus Bay 

compiled over six months in 2021 images taken from 2017 to 2021

M&S - Wedding Magazine

photographed February 2019

compiled August to November 2019

M&S - Wedding Album

photographed February 2019

compiled November 2019

[printed in lay flat format]